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  Topic Time Presenter
Advanced Navigation 9:00 - 12:30 Eddy Kleinjan, Data Access Europe

The latest web framework technology in DataFlex Studio offers an advanced and complete methodology to develop a web application for mobile/touch. Following the rules of the framework, it is probably the most productive way to develop web applications.

Having said that, the Flex that DataFlex offers has always been reason for developers, to make up their own minds, and try and deviate from the beaten track. For those, having a good understanding of their options, this advanced training will help. The Advanced Navigation training is meant for DataFlex developers who have a basic understanding of the web framework, but need to know more, in order to create an extraordinary solution, with its own identity.



Styling 9:00 - 12.30 Nigel Smink, Data Access BV

Morning training 9:00 - 12:30 - Styling Nigel Smink
Nigel Smink is a UX specialist working at Data Access Europe. As such, Nigel has developed several interfaces for DataFlex developers. Sometimes it is only a specific control, and sometimes it is a completely new style for an application. Nigel will teach best practices when it comes to implementing a new User Xperience in a DataFlex web framework environment. Nigel is assisted by Harm Wibier.

Note: This training is not intended to teach you how to use HTML and CSS. To effectively participate, having some HTML/CSS 101 skills is a pre-requisite.
*Including lunch from 12:30-13:30.


Drive-In Support 9.00 - 12.30 TBA

In some countries in Europe, DataFlex Drive-ins are organized. Basically, people come sit in on a session and ask questions about specific challenges, problems or wishes. The group then decides which of the topics will be handled. The SCANDUC Drive-in is new: Before joining, please send us your questions, and we will add it to the list!

*Including lunch from 12:30-13:30.


Lunch 12:30 - 13:30

Lunch served in the restaurant on the 1st floor.


SQL Server Database Views 13.30 - 17.00 Eddy Kleinjan, Data Access Europe BV

Unleashing the Power

Across Europe, more than 80% of all DataFlex solutions run on SQL back-ends, they don’t make use of the embedded DataFlex anymore.

One of the reasons that especially Microsoft SQL Server has become so popular, is due to the fact that DataFlex applications could migrate very easily. Migration can often be done without making changes in the source-code. While that is a great thing, there is a special opportunity you are missing out on, and that is to benefit from the incredible power today’s SQL Server technology offers. Eddy Kleinjan is a specialist in the field of SQL, data warehouse management and BI. Eddy will teach how to apply the power of database Views of SQL Server in your DataFlex Apps.

*Including lunch from 13:00-14:00.


oAuth & Rest 13.30 - 17.00 Mike Peat, Unicorn Interglobal

Security is an important aspect when developing web applications, or web services. And looking into the latest trends with regards to security, we see that new protocols, other than SOAP/WSDL are in play. An example is the REST architecture, preferred when services are provided via the internet. Being lighter than SOAP, it is highly scalable and it is used by for example Google and WordPress. Mike Peat will start the training by introducing the basics behind REST and oAuth. Mike will show its practical use for example by means of Office 365.

Be warned: It will get technical. 

*Including lunch from 13:00-14:00.


No drive-support 12.30 - 17.00