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Topics SCANDUC 2023

See the candidate topics below, the final agenda of SCANDUC will be announced soon!

DataFlex 2023

Let’s kick off SCANDUC 2023 with an overview of DataFlex. A status update, going over exciting new features and improvements that you can expect this year.

DataFlex Hot Features

DataFlex 2022 and DataFlex 2023 offer nice new features. You must know these features, and you must use these features. Why? Because DataFlex developers must create awesome software!


FlexWhat? - FlexTron: Fit a full-blown web UI on top of your Windows applications with FlexTron. It came with Alpha I in DataFlex 2023, and several teams around the world are already starting up the development with this. Don’t miss this presentation.

Web Order 2.0

Data Access Worldwide exists almost 47 years. Just a few years more than the old Order Entry sample that shipped so long with DataFlex Studio. Time for an update: Web Order 2.0, featuring a more realistic and comprehensive functionality.


SQL-ness is a large project, adding multiple features that relate to the handling of SQL. The project spans multiple revisions of DataFlex Studio and in that fashion, DataFlex 2023 adds again some very nice new features.

New Layout Manager (we hope)

Developing web applications in DataFlex is like a breeze, not in the least because of a very ingenious visual designer and layout management system. What to improve? Well, DataFlex 2023 will offer a new, alternative method, giving the developer even more power to control the layout of his web applications more easily and freely. We hope that this new feature is ready to make it to Scanduc, so we have the Scoop, in Scandinavia!

DataFlex Reports

What can you expect in DataFlex Reports 2023? A quick overview of what is in DataFlex Reports and what will be in the next version.

Package Manager

The Package Manager project is underway and is expected after the full release of DataFlex 2023. However, at Scanduc you get a status update of where the project is. It includes a demonstration of the engine that was developed. And you will learn how it will be integrated in DataFlex Studio, in future.

The Future of Data in DataFlex

The SQL-ness project is ongoing and presented in its own slot at Scanduc. But Data Access is contemplating how to go about data, data binding, and related matters for the longer future. This presentation gives you a heads up!

Docker for efficient software development

Docker is ‘container’ technology mostly know for efficiently deploying solutions. But did you know that Docker offers unprecedented advantages in a development environment? Learn in this presentation Why and How!

Vincent’s Drawer

At previous Scanducs, Vincent has shared what is in his “drawer”. He found a couple of new things to share with you, but he also consulted his colleagues at Data Access Europe to see if they had interesting and fun things to share. They checked their drawers and yes, they did!

Mixin Magic

DataFlex allows us to design our code to be reusable and we do that by creating classes. We can subclass existing classes to override or extend their behavior or create completely new classes. DataFlex offers an alternative technique for adding new behavior to a class; importing a class protocol. This presentation highlights a few design problems where this advanced technique might be useful and attempts to solve them with some simple mixin-magic.


A European initiative providing guidelines for improved cyber security, resulted in NIS1, implemented in 2016. It was primarily aimed at large organizations that provided essential service to society. Soon, NIS2 will become effective, and it will affect a larger group of organizations, specifically in health care, finance and (mind!) IT services. More specifically: You, as manager of an IT company, will be held responsible. Non-compliance may result in fines at 10 Million Euro, or 2% of your net annual revenues.