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What’s new in DataFlex 2022

Learn all about this new version of DataFlex. With Unicode and 64-bit out of the way, let’s move on!

Embed web technologies into your Windows application using the new WebView2

WebApp Drag & Drop
Developers everywhere constantly compete to deliver the coolest apps. Adding drag & drop capabilities in webapps adds the magic, but is usually very hard to realize.

But not in DataFlex; with the new Drag & Drop API in DataFlex 2022, anyone can do it! 

2 Factor Authentication
Emil Stojanov will present a login system with 2FA security.

SecMod user access control
Plato, the sample application developed for DataFlex 2021, contains a new user access system. This presentation highlights the feature set of the Security Module (SecMod).
Voice Control.
Johan will make a sample conversational interface for a hands-free application using voice and speech recognition.
The cSqlExec.pkg package (also part of the Plato sample) provides a “low level” set of methods for producing SQL filters and select statements. Learn how it is intended to be used.
JavaScript Class
DHTMLX Diagram is a JavaScript class that can be used to visualize complex data in a neat hierarchical structure.

Syncfusion DataGrid is a JavaScript class.
When used with the DataFlex wrapper class it is a powerful weblist with a lot of built-in functionality.

DataFlex: How it’s made
Some of the ingredients and recipies that are used to make DataFlex are a secret. But some of it we can share with you, at Scanduc 2021, you can see ’How it’s made’!
Smart features in Vincent’s laboratory and support work
This presentation will give you a look at examples, libraries and common support topics Vincent handles in his daily work. It is all secret till the presentation so it is a must watch presentation!
Cyber Security TBA

Refactoring tool
Nils will demonstrate how to use his new refactoring tool, and tools he specifically built for a large customer project.
State of the Union
Want to know how Data Access Worldwide is doing, and where DataFlex going? Come to Scanduc 2021 to find out! Presented to you by the President/CEO of Data Access Worldwide himself.
DataFlex Reports
DataFlex Reports v8 was released in March, and fully supports Unicode and 64-bit. In this presentation you learn how to make use of these enhancements to better support your customers.
Help Desk Express
HDE is the front-end, online tech-support tool that centralizes communication, and streamlines communication within your support team and with your customers. Vincent will be demonstrating its capabilities from both the end-user and support employee perspective. HDE can be made available to DataFlex developers (including source-code). Interested in HDE, or perhaps have a customer that could use such a system?
DataFlex Extensions: Did you know that you can download more than 500 items from the DataFlex Download Center? Among them, are a couple of nice DataFlex Extensions, that will be highlighted in this session.
Different possibilities for hosting
DataFlex Cloud hosting, VPS, SAAS etc

The importance of making your IT solution future proof.

Redaction & Sanitizer
Your customer’s precious data must be safeguarded from the big bad world. Learn how these tools help reduce the vulnerability of your web applications.