Training Day23

Want to improve your DataFlex skills? Come join our training sessions! The training sessions will be on Wednesday March 15th.

Join the SCANDUC 2023 training day

The training sessions at SCANDUC 2023 are:

Creating Wizards… with FlexTron!

Vincent Oorsprong
DataFlex 2023 is not fully released yet, but in its pre-releases you can get acquainted with a whole new technology: FlexTron. Create Windows-based applications as you are used to but add a full-blown Web UI on top of it.

DataFlex Windows apps are known for a strong MDI architecture. However, if you want to assist or guide users through a certain process, or “flow”, creating an assistant or a Wizard, will greatly help. Learn how to create great looking Wizards in DataFlex, with FlexTron!

DataFlex Build Server & Testing

Bram Nijenkamp
Automated testing and build servers are a standard part of modern development platforms. Bram will explain why you should use them and how to apply them in your DataFlex projects.

Learn how to implement a Jenkins build server with multi-branch pipelines and how to implement testing, whilst providing integration with Jenkins. Understand how pipelines work and why they are used. Zooming in further, migrations will be looked at as well as an extended version of DFUnit with tools for handling WebApp oriented code, and Jenkins integrations with Bitbucket tooling.

Training day
09:00 - 12:30
Creating Wizards… with FlexTron!Vincent Oorsprong
12:30 - 13:30
13:30 - 17:00
DataFlex Build Server & TestingBram Nijenkamp